Alatalab Solutions, LLC

Our mission is to develop research-based sting-relief preparations for public and professional use.


Products do not contain colorants, fragrances, dyes or preservatives.

Sting No More® Spray

This proprietary, patented, water-based formulation effectively inactivates stinging cnidae from jellyfish tentacles before the application of Sting No More® Cream.   Available in:

30 mL ( 1 U.S. fl oz)         60 mL (2 U.S. fl oz)           120 mL (4 U.S. fl oz)           240 mL (8 U.S. fl oz)

Sting No More® Cream Mil-Spec + Plus Formulation

Sting No More® Mil-Spec + Plus Cream contains a proprietary, patented formulation in a non-greasy pharmaceutical-grade hypoallergenic absorption base cream with urea for relief from box jellyfish stings and fire ant bites. Now available in Airless Pumps for easy application & longterm storage:

10 mL (0.33 U.S. fl oz)     15 mL (0.5 U.S. fl oz)      30 mL (1 U.S. fl oz) 

Also available in foil packs on request: 5 mL (0.167 U.S. fluid ounce)

Anhydrous Lanolin based Sting No More® 

For long distance ocean swimmers only- custom made to order